How To Build A Successful Website

The first and most important thing you need to know before you start to build a successful website or developing your own Website is..

What Exactly Is A Website?

A Website is basically a group of web pages, just like how you have a book with a bunch of pages in it -Only difference here is that your book is virtual, can have various multimedia like videos, high quality information and various formatting’s. Now this type of a Website is known as a Informative Website.

There are other types of Websites like online virtual stores, just like retail stores, where buyers and sellers interact with each other. These are known as eCommerce Websites. Banking and other finance institutions come under this category.

How to Build a Successful Website

Here we have few pointers that every Web designer or even blogger should try and follow as much as possible in order to have the perfect, fastest and most eye catching site-

1) Ensure Website Scalability :

Make sure that your Website is scalable. As technology is continuously and rapidly increasing, checking your website on each and every resolution, platform and browser becomes near to impossible.

See that your coding and designs are scalable.

2) Use CSS programming for designing :

Css programming is a method of putting all your formatting into one file and then embedding it into all the web pages.

This not only saves time as you won’t have to do the same formatting again and again, but it will also help in keeping your formatting consistent and your overall web page size small, so it loads quicker.

Use Browser Extensions

3) Use Professional Looking Fonts :

Fonts.. Since the basic idea behind a Website is for people to read and learn about your company, organization or product, selecting the right font is obviously one of the most important thing there is.

Select a professional and easily readable font rather than something fancy or artistic.

A fancy and artistic font may attract users, but the moment they start reading and can’t understand anything, they’re gonna leave and never come back.

Consider Free Web Fonts

4) Create a Good Layout Design :

An important aspect of any Website is it’s layout.. Try using a framework and stick to the same template for all the web pages in your Website.

Maintain a sense of uniformity amongst all the pages in your Website. Use a font that is mostly likely to be available on everyone’s system to avoid your site from getting messed up.

Keep It Simple

5) Maintain a Consistent Look and Feel :

Try and maintain a consistent look and feel throughout your Website, it’ll make your users feel more comfortable. Sudden change in the background color, size of the text, putting your text in all CAPS will annoy and irritate your users.


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