Windows 8 Shortcuts

As a Freelance Web Designer we are fast and efficient ..and If you love latest technology, using Windows 8 than, these 8 shortcuts keys are must needed.

I never felt the need to use any kind of shortcuts in previous versions of Windows, because clicking used to be much easier than it is in Windows 8. You will have to use your mouse a lot to access certain settings and features. That’s why, you must know some of the Windows 8 shortcut keys, if you are going to use or already using it. It will save you a lot of time a frustration, because the new metro UI is somewhat messy. You will be able to use some of the features without having to move your mouse endlessly.

  • Windows Key + X – Ah! The good old days when we used to have start screen. Do you miss it? Unfortunately you can’t get the start screen back, but the closest thing to start screen by pressing Windows Key + X. It brings a list of items on the lower left side of your desktop, just where our start screen used to be. It looks like Microsoft added that particular feature to give us the unofficial start screen. Props to Microsoft for doing that. We can quickly get access to task manager, command prompt, desktop and other similar useful tools in just one click from the alternative menu rather than having to search for it.
  • Windows Key + F – Microsoft has made searching a lot easier in Windows 8 than it was in previous editions. Just press Windows key + F, you will see a search box appearing before you. Type any file name you want to search on your PC and it will do the rest of the work for you. But this shortcut can only be used for files search.
  • Windows Key + Q – When you install a lot of apps on your PC, finding one particular app without start screen is like searching for a phone number in a phonebook. In Windows 8, you will have to scan through everything to find the application you are looking for. But thankfully they have provided us with a Windows Key + Q shortcut which will let you find your favorite app easily without having to scan through al the documents.
  • Windows Key + W – This shortcut will let you search for settings. This includes almost every setting from Control Panel and few other PC settings.
  • Windows Key + Comma – This shortcut will let you see the desktop even when you are running any full screen app or on the start screen. It will give you a peek at desktop as long as you are holding down the shortcut keys. You will be back to the place you were before, as soon as you let go the shortcut keys. This is useful when you want to see what’s happening on the desktop but don’t want to switch over.
  • Windows Key + P – This shortcut is useful if you want to connect your Widows 8 laptop to a projector. As soon as you press this shortcut, all the options pop on the right side of your desktop.
  • Windows Key + PrtScn – Pressing this short will let you take a snapshot of your screen and put it to the photo app instantly.
  • Windows Key + C – This shortcut key opens Charms bar, which features a set of tools like search, settings and share.

I hope these shortcuts make Windows 8 a bit easier to get around for you. Please let me know if I missed something important. I will add it as soon as I can.


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