Choose Domain and Hosting for website

If you are like most other business people and entrepreneurs, a word has been constantly knocking your head – website. Just as you know how to make a clean website, does not mean website is the solution for every business problem.

A clean website can help many business, perhaps yours. But it can benefit only if you analyse and understand what website can do, how you use your website. At the same time your website should not be a Billboard on Information Superhighway. Nobody will see your web pages unless you bring them to your site and they will never return to your site unless you give them the reason to do so.

Hosting a clean website

An important concern while hosting a website is the size of the website. There is a big difference between hosting a small website and hosting a full-fledged. active, transactional site. Plain HTML page with forms and mailtos are easy to set up and maintain. A big website with high traffic is likely to be using more powerful processor and more bandwidth. Sites that experience the heavy traffic, needs to be up all the time. If they are down even for a moment, sales are lost, corporate image is damaged and jobs (may be yours) can be at risk.

In fact hosting a website is a process in itself. No matter how beautiful a website is, if it is not hosted properly the whole idea is wasted. For instance, how tasty and nice food you have made but if it is not presented in nice and attractive way, you will kill the appetite of the person who is going to eat the food. They will not even look at the food (perhaps you also). So here are few steps listed below to set up a clean website:

Learn about Internet

The first step is learning about Internet. Either you, or perhaps a bright employee with a great degree of initiative, must understand how the Internet works. Not all the technical details but, day to day operations of working on the Internet. Email, FTP, the World Wide Web (www), newsgroups, mailing lists and so on. There are small business people who have websites placed on the Internet by a web designer, that they have seen only once or twice and then left to slowly rot due to lack of use. This is waste of time. A website will only work if someone is actively involved in running it, and in bringing people to it.

Get Hosting and Domain Name

The first and foremost task towards hosting a website is to register the Domain Name of your site, which in simple term to register the name of your website. Once a site is registered any other company cannot use the same name as the domain name for their site.

A Domain name identifies the IP address of the computer on the Internet. Domain names are used in URL to identify the Webpages. For example, in the URL the domain name is

Every Domain name has a suffix that identifies which Top Level Domain (TLD) it belongs to, There are only a limited number of such top level domains. For example:

= gov – Government agencies.

= edu – Educational Institution.

= org – Organizations

= com – Commercial Business

= net – Network Organizations

= uk – United Kingdom

The main characteristic of Domain name is the fact that each one is unique. A particular domain name can exist only once within the DNS. Hence, only one organization can own it. There can be situation when different companies share the same company name, brand name, and trademarks. For instance, Brio belongs to a United State consulting company, a Swedish toy-train manufacturer and an italian soft drink company. Each company has a legitimate claim, but on the global Internet, only one of these companies can own a fully qualified domain name like This is because domain names are used to identify individual servers on the Internet, as well as network devices such as moderns.

[quote]Choose Right Extension for the Domain[/quote]

Most business prefers to get a .com domain, especially as this the default domain in the vast majority of browser. You type Google or Yahoo, your browser automatically appends .com at the end of it.

The problem is, though, the .com domains are getting popular faster than beer at a tailgate party. You need to start looking for a domain name that suits your business. You will probably find that somebody has already taken the domain, which you wanted. But atleast you may be able to get something you can live with.

After deciding the name of your domain, the next step is the registration of your domain. It should happen fast so that any other person or an organization may not use it as their domain name. This is the very first step while hosting a website. Perhaps the best place to register you domain is at

After registering the domain name you need to pay a fix amount every year. For example, if you register with godaddy you have to pay $9 or something for the first year and $9 per year after that.

Finally, hire a freelancer to build your nice and clean website. which will be utilized with your unique domain and hosting.


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