Best Web Design Practices

Don’t know how to design a website properly?

– Read-on to find out how it works!

People often wonder what the exact process is to design and develop a website using the best web design practices.

Well, wonder no more.

1. Complete a comprehensive marketing analysis, keyword and competitor analysis. Determine most potentially lucrative target keywords & keyphrases.

2. Create a WordPress website, containing an SEO-friendly WordPress blog entitled “news” in the menu bar (install all SEO-friendly plug-ins such as All in One SEO Pack).

3. Create a horizontal drop-down menu with sub-drop down menus, using external Javascript.

4. Ensure that the sitemap updates automatically upon the addition of new content, and that there is no manual SEO work.

5. Install Google Analytics to monitor website traffic and web performance.

6. Ensure that your website is validated, using W3C standards.

7. Make sure you have a good internal link structure, categorizing and organizing each topic required by the user when creating/adding new content in the form of text, images, video, and other media (example: PDF).

8. Create a validated email opt-in form capturing the first name & email address next to the top-banner on all pages (integrate with an email management system).

9. Link building: Engage in directory submission to article directories, link directories, and social bookmarking and content-sharing websites, to your index page. The more relevant and high quality back-links the better. Also deep link to pages further into your website, including articles and subcategories.

10. Integrate a search-engine friendly e commerce platform of your choice (example: 3d Commerce or Zen Commerce) and display 3 items, including pricing.

11. Keep in mind marketing and conversion optimization (design the site to maximize sales)- make sure phone number is present at top right. Keep logo on the left.

*Feel free to use external Javascript for dynamic effects. Avoid the use of Flash.


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