Inportance of Color and Shape

The color and shape is an essential in great logo or website design. Modern logos are especially created to create emotions, feelings and empathy and these two factors are extremely important.


Color creates impressions of the perceptions and the feelings a company wants to create and is one of the most integral parts in a logos success. Two of the most prominent colors used in logos are blue and red, though either is used for different psychological reasons. Blue is often used by corporate companies to create an air of calm and professionalism. Red is an emotive color and is commonly used to create more fun or fiery emotions – it’s very common with food companies. Other colors obviously have different impacts on design, but red and blue are the most prominent.


One of the best examples of shape in design is Coca Cola’s. Think of when you see the Coca Cola Spenserian font in a different alphabet. Whether it is in Asian, Mandarin or Thai, it’s always recognisable instantly. Even the ‘F’ in Facebook or the ‘P’ in Pinterest is easily deciphered with a glance and this is the power of shape in a logo.

This can really have a significant amount of power for marketers and companies and it is increasingly important to stand out in a world where we are constantly beaten with an increasing number of brands each day. Unique colour and shape benefits you whether a global brand on an airliner or if you just get a flyer printed.

Color and Shape

The combination of both of these factors of design is also very important and getting the mixture right can take time and a professional eye. The combination must showcase a philosophy and create the right impression for the business.


Of course, colour and shape must also consider the vast range of mediums a logo is used in nowadays and so must be flexible. Logos have to fit in everything from websites to flyers printed on large and small sheets alike.

Great logos will require little alteration no matter how small or large they are made and they will be completely flexible between all sizes. This is where the investment in a great graphic designer is essential and ensures your logo is impressive in all occasions. If you follow the above advice of the color and the shape then you will increasingly benefit from great logo design.


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