Important Features of HTML5

HTML has been playing a vital role in the web designing industry right from its launch. Now the latest version named HTML5 is gaining popularity due to its enhanced usability of codes. HTML5 has all the essential elements like browser compatibility, error handling capacity, simple semantic codes and much more. It has the best of features and functionality to help in designing attractive and user-friendly websites.

To give you a better understanding of the concepts of HTML5, here are some of its important features:

Browser Compatibility

There are many web browsers used worldwide, but it can’t be ensured that a website will be supported by all of them. The usage of improper web designing tools is one of the reasons for this problem. HTML5 is developed in such a way that it is compatible with almost all the common browsers. This helps web designers in designing pages with all possible features, without having to worry about browser incompatibility.

Easy Manipulation of Graphics

The canvas element in HTML5 helps in accessing graphics and photos in the website easily. Designers often face various kinds of problems while adding graphics and images, which makes them opt for some intermediate technology like jQuery to enable the usage of images. HTML5 overcomes this hassle and lets designers include images without making use of any intermediate technology. This also enhances the page speed of the website.

Enhanced Codes

The new tags in HTML5 allow designers to draw up a clear system of codes. This helps developers in providing a well-structured website with all the user-friendly features, which can increase the conversion rate of the website. There are alternative codes available for JavaScript and other languages, that help you in designing a website with all the features that a client is likely to expect.

Better Accessibility

As there are many elements in HTML5, you can compare the new codes with the used HTML5 codes. This process gives you a clear picture about the utility of new features. This helps in creating a web page which is feature-rich.

Some Other Features

HTML5 allows you to have control over form validation elements like email, phone numbers, website addresses etc., Which are very important for a website. The additional feature in HTML5 is that you can view images and videos without using any plug-ins, thereby helping you avoid the usage of complex Flash files or menus. Through HTML5 you can add editable content in the website. HTML5 allows developers to use simple codes to carry out dynamic operations. As HTML5 is quite viable, it is easy to integrate the site with social media.

HTML5 has become the major tool to develop any type of website. It has become the future of web design and almost all professional designers have started using this tool to reach great heights in the market and provide the best quality of service.


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