How To Increase the Number of Pageview and Reduce the Bounce Rate?

Hi everyone!

Here I’m going to talk about an important tactics for bloggers. Yeah! I’m going to talk about how to increase the number of pageviews of your blog. But before starting I want to clear the sense of pageview.

What is pageview?

A pageview is an instance of a page being loaded by browser. Google Analytics

Every time a page been loaded by visitors browsers request are counted as each pageview. So pageview means how many times it has been loaded by browsers request.

Why pageview is an important tactics?

The more times a visitor spends on your blog, the better. It helps the visitor to be engaged closely with you (or your blog).

CASE #1:
If search engines (specially Google) are the biggest source of your visitor, page view is very important for you.


Here is an example: Think that a visitor comes to your blog from Google. After getting the information, he hits the back button of his browser. It’s OK. But it’s not okay for the big G (Google). Yeah! Google will think that the searcher didn’t get the right information he need. So that he came back to google again. If it continues, Google will punish you. It’ll remove your blog from the SERP (Search Engine Result Page) for the keyword(s).

So, what to do?

CASE #2:
If you’re monetizing your blog with CPM (Cost Per Mile or Cost Per 1000 views) ads, it is far more important for you to earn more money. Because the more pageviews, the more money you’ll earn.

CASE #3:
Better Alexa Ranking: Although alexa doesn’t provide the exact information, but still it is a big factor to get direct advertisement offer or to sell ads through ad agency like BuySellAds. The more pageview you’ve, the better alexa ranking.

Before continuing to the point, we should know about bounce rate because it is tightly engaged with pageview.

What is bounce rate?

Simply, bounce rate is the opposite metrics of page view. Yeah! That’s right. Bounce rate is the percentages of your visitors are “bouncing” without viewing the other page of your blog. The lower your bounce rate, the better.

So if you can increase the number of pageview, ultimately the bounce rate will decrease.

How to calculate Bounce rate?

Bounce rate = (visit that left after one pageview / Total number of visits) ×100

Now come to the point:

How to increase the number of pageview and reduce bounce rate?

1. Show related post:

When a visitor find your post useful, he will search for more related posts. So, it is a wise dicision to show the related post and help the visitor to get it easily. It will boost your pageview. Checkout the bottom of this post and see the related post of my blog.

2. Create ‘About’ Page:

My traffic data shows that ‘About’ page is the second most visited page by the first time visitor, just after home page. So you should create it, if you don’t have it yet.

3. Place popular post widget:

It is another smart idea to show your best contents. Check the right of this post under recommended post widget where you can see some of my best posts of my blog.

4. Featured content gallery:

Featured content gallery is another way to show your best contents and people’s are willing to read those stuff.

5. Persuade your visitors to leave comment:

There are many people out there who like to read the comments. So if you’ve comment on a post, people will go through the page to read comment.

Again, if someone leave comment on your blog, I’m sure he will revisit your blog to see the reply of the comment.

Then, you should reply the comment to keep the conversation going on.

For example, when you reply the comment, other visitors will notice this and they’ll also leave a comment and will revisit. So to boost your pageview converting random visitors to commenter is a must.

6. Remove outgoing links:

Sounds like crazy? Yeah! It’s enough. But if you extremely keen this, you should reduce the outgoing links. Here’s why?

Do you know how people leave your blog?

By hitting the back button
By typing new address on their browser’s address bar
By typing something on their browsers search bar
By closing their browsers
By clicking one of your ads or affiliate link
By clicking one of your outgoing link

The first 4 things, you can’t control but you can control the rest 2. So reducing ads, affiliate links and outgoing links are the best practices to increase pageviews and reduce bounce rate.

7. Show excerpt on the home page:

Most of the visitors land in your blog home page. So if you’re showing excerpt in your home page, the visitors must have to click on the read more link to view the full post. So, it will increase the number of pageview.

8. Update your blog regularly:

For a long time (more than one month) I was not updating one of my blog and noticed that most of my blog readers mailed me to know that why I was not updating the blog.

“Thanks all of you guys who mailed me, thanks for your support and sorry for that”

Actually people don’t like to see the same thing again and again, it annoys them. So, they just left my blog after seeing the same content.

Learn from my mistake; to reduce the bounce rate you should keep updating your blog regularly.

Have your say?

Have you any more idea to increase pageview? Please feel free to share your thoughts. If you enjoyed this post, please share it with your friends and help to grow me up.

Have a Happy Blogging!


4 responses to “How To Increase the Number of Pageview and Reduce the Bounce Rate?

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